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About “Just What Guys Want”

“Just What Guys Want” (JWGW) is a free online magazine for men of all ages (well at least 13+ so it has a PG rating…) which aims to answer that eternal question, “Just what is it that guys want?”

And yes… it was inspired by the title of the movie “What Women Want” (2000) with Helen Hunt and Mel Gibson.

Now for all you girls visiting this site, this might just be some good news!

You see, truthfully, guys often really don’t have any clue about what they want, and that’s what makes them so hard to understand from your perspective. So through this site you may hopefully gain a better understanding of the male of the species…

And for the fellas?

Well while we often pull our hair out trying to understand the women in our lives… you need to realise they find YOU just as frustrating most of the time! LOL

There’s so much been written about the differences between male and female, so we’re not going to go over that again, except to say “vive la différence!”

What is important is how you react to these differences!!!

Whether you behave like a totally spoilt, selfish brat, or whether you rejoice in them, because THAT is what makes life interesting!

Let’s face it, if you are a bloke out in the big bad world without a good woman to tell you what you need 😉 – i.e. your mum and/or significant other (s/o) – or if you are having problems with your s/o – it means you’ve probably only got your male mates to turn to for advice!

Now at best, their “advice” is often extremely misguided and possibly even entirely inappropriate to actually “dealing” properly with life’s little situations!!! (in fact any such “advice” offered after an alcohol fueled evening at the “local” is often best ignored… if it can even be remembered at all)

So settle in and get some useful advice on what might be “Just What Guys Want!”

Your “advice” comes from seasoned veterans in the human race – both male and female (shock! horror!) – so at times it may have a bit of a “mum and dad” perspective. And since there are other contributions from “younger” generations, you should find an interesting perspective on the many issues a modern bloke has to deal with…

And that means we are neither sexist, feminist, anti-feminist or even a misandrist (male hater) or any other ‘ist tag you might care to use. If providing sensible and “balanced” information for men is a problem for you, or if the information is something you don’t want or like to hear? Then so be it. Please feel free to comment (NICELY) here… or go away!

And that information includes such things as:
girls (obviously), dating and relationships, men’s health and fitness, lots of jokes, entertainment (events, music, movies and sport etc), technology and gadgets, men’s “style” and lots more of all the random stuff that only guys can truly appreciate!

Anyone (guy or gal) is very welcome to actively take part in what’s going on at JWGW by commenting (nicely please) on what you read here! Or perhaps you might want to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or even our RSS feed?

But whatever you “do” with the information provided on JWGW…

Well that’s up to you 🙂

As they say in the classics…
“You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink!”

We’re certainly not going to shove our viewpoints down your throat if they aren’t wanted.

However, you are definitely encouraged to share and discuss this information with the other blokes AND the women in your life!

Hopefully we can help put you on the road to achieving a better life for you and all the people whose paths you cross.

And thanks for visiting. Make sure you come back again soon 🙂

P.S. If you’ve got something you’ve like to share here (articles, pics, reviews, promos etc)… then please contact us.

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