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Cute Dog! Whaddya Call Him?

March 5, 2012 Filed under Fun  

A sure-fire way of chatting someone up is to talk about their dog! But I would be a bit worried about where the conversation might go with this one!!!

That Eternal Question… What DO Guys Want?

March 5, 2012 Filed under Featured, Fun  

What Men WantOur research into the question of “What Men Want” turned up some unexpected results. You be the judge of whether this is really what men are after!

Insane Bull Jumping Video

March 4, 2012 Filed under Fun  

Bull JumpingTake a look at this insane bull jumping video showing guys doing just that. Bored? Go out and jump over a raging bull! Wy Not?

A Tale Of Two Brains

March 4, 2012 Filed under Fun, Relationships  

Mark GungorMark Gungor – comedian, pastor, life coach – takes a lighthearted (but deadly serious) look at the differences between Men’s brains and Women’s brains.

Silence! I Keeel You!

March 4, 2012 Filed under Fun  

Achmed Dead TerroristIf you’ve ever wondered where this rather weird ring-tone comes from, then wonder no more! Achmed, the Dead Terrorist is the brianchild of Jeff Dunham, a remarkable American ventriloquist and stand-up comedian. When a friend sent me the following YouTube video… I lost an entire afternoon!

Guide To Keeping Women Happy

March 3, 2012 Filed under Fun, Relationships  

Keeping Women HappyWondering what you might need to do to keep a women happy? Despite what you might have been told guys, it’s not really that difficult to make a woman happy. All you have to do is be…

Oh You Silly, Silly Man!

March 3, 2012 Filed under Fun, Relationships  

This IS an old joke (2004) but it is doing the rounds again because it’s so good! I’ve only just re-discovered it and had to share with you as it brought tears of laughter to my eyes! Enjoy!