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Married Women Want You!!! (apparently)

March 10, 2012 Filed under Relationships  

A couple of recent advertisements caught my attention. Apparently…. Married Women Want You! (that’s YOU – not me… they don’t want me…) And I thought WHY would guys want MARRIED women? Well here are a few of the reasons I found from my recent “research” into this question…

Please Be My Friend Dad

March 6, 2012 Filed under Relationships  

Message on a Facebook wall from child to father… “Please be my friend dad. mum has blocked you so she can’t see any of your stuff and you can’t see any of hers.”

Crossing the Line – When “Being Nice” Becomes Creepy!

March 5, 2012 Filed under Featured, Relationships  

When trying to establish new friendships or relationships with other people, it’s often very easy to misunderstand the “signals” you are receiving, so you could literally end up in hot water and look a bit creepy in the process!

A Tale Of Two Brains

March 4, 2012 Filed under Fun, Relationships  

Mark GungorMark Gungor – comedian, pastor, life coach – takes a lighthearted (but deadly serious) look at the differences between Men’s brains and Women’s brains.

Guide To Keeping Women Happy

March 3, 2012 Filed under Fun, Relationships  

Keeping Women HappyWondering what you might need to do to keep a women happy? Despite what you might have been told guys, it’s not really that difficult to make a woman happy. All you have to do is be…

Oh You Silly, Silly Man!

March 3, 2012 Filed under Fun, Relationships  

This IS an old joke (2004) but it is doing the rounds again because it’s so good! I’ve only just re-discovered it and had to share with you as it brought tears of laughter to my eyes! Enjoy!