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Insane Bull Jumping Video

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Bull jumping is all the rage as shown in this video, taking traditional bull fighting to a whole new level.

Most folks are just content to jump rope. Not these guys – they need to jump bull!

What better way to spend a nice, relaxing, sunny afternoon in the heart of Spain! Fight a bull? Nah!!! Tis better to get in the ring with the bull, run like hell as he charges you, then stop, turn toward him as he’s racing toward you at nearly full speed, then just as he’s about to bust your gut wide open, leap in the air and jump over that bull with a nice somersault flourish to boot!

Take a look at this insane bull jumping video showing guys doing just that. Bored? Go out and jump over a raging bull!

Remember, if you ever get into bull jumping, be sure to get it on video!

Source: bull jumping video

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