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That Eternal Question… What DO Guys Want?

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Google's answers to the  "What do men want" questionAs part of the research involved in setting up the “Just What Guys Want” website… we posed the question to several of the major search engines to see what their “auto-suggest” tools thought about the topic!

Naturally, we were not surprised with many of the “answers” offered by the heavyweights of search, and would like to share them here with you!

As you can see from the pic at right, Google thinks that all men want is info about women!

Wonder who is asking these questions?

Maybe it’s the girls who are asking, who don’t have much of an idea about the male of the species… and who are trying to understand them a little betterer 🙂

Let’s see what Yahoo thinks?

What Yahoo thinks that men want...

What Yahoo thinks that men want...

Damn… still all about women? Where are the V8 super cars? Or questions about sport??? Sheesh!!!

What about Ask.com???

Ask Ask what men want...

Ask Ask what men want...

Are we getting any closer to answering the question yet??? Seems to be all about women! Men are obviously so shallow as that’s all they seem to think about LOL


Asking Bing What Men Want

Asking Bing What Men Want

Well they’re not much help either… 🙂

And if you’re looking at Youtube?

Youtube's thoughts on what men want

Youtube's thoughts on what men want

Here are some extra things that men are apparently thinking about… Obviously Dave Chappelle is a comedian who has tickled a few male funny bones in his time… but really – ntv7? Come on! With a mission to “promote a happier and more enlightened Malaysia” I can’t see how this is on the minds on men around the world…


And this might just amuse (or bemuse) you big time!

We need to find appropriate pics to include on this site – OTHER THAN HALF NAKED WOMEN that is 😉 – so we asked one of the major stock photo websites the same question.

And got this rather unexpected result????

Unexpected answer to the question what do men want

Unexpected answer to the question what do men want

Needless to say, this research hasn’t helped one iota in giving us clues about what men/guys really want! So we’ll have to take our best “educated” guess when finding useful stuff for you to read here.

Or maybe you could tell us…

What do YOU think men really want?


Be nice and leave your thoughts below 🙂

What do YOU think?