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Election Funding Promise a (Small) Step in the Right Direction For Mens Health

The March 8, 2012 announcement by Queensland Premier Anna Bligh that the Labour Party would commit money towards funding “man vans” to tour regional Queensland and provide up to 800 Men’s Health Pit Stops over the next four years, is a small step in the right direction for Men’s Health.

This is an extension of their existing “Pit Stop” program which has delivered preventative health checks to approximately 4,000 Queensland men.

But, as usual at election time, it’s typical of band-aid election promises which appear to have been thrown together without enough thought.

This promise misses the point in providing properly for Men’s Health issues.

To use their analogy… it needs a big tune-up to address the important issues!

In the announcement and supporting pages there is NO MENTION in there that these “man vans” will even talk about Prostate Cancer for starters!

While they did announce funding for additional “Prostate Cancer Care Nurses”, that is targetted at those people who are already diagnosed and trying to deal with the situation.

But NOTHING specifically mentioned on the education, preventative or early detection side for this killer complaint???

At the same time, these “man vans” could provide additional support for a range of other men’s issues related to such things as dealing with domestic violence, child separation, family court problems etc… the sorts of things that will often lead to depression and other mental health problems, and potentially even suicide!

Surely THESE are issues that are worthy of funding?

Don’t get me too wrong though! This IS welcome news! And despite what you might think, I am not trying to “bash” Labour here…

men's health rightsThis IS welcome news because someone is finally starting to recognise the importance of Men’s Health!

I would hope that the Queensland LNP would at the very least agree that it is just as important, and include a commitment to funding something similar – or betterer 🙂 – in their election package.

But fixing Men’s Health is something beyond electioneering promises!

It is an issue that should be addressed by ALL politicians and governments, regardless of their political persuasion!

Male or female, this is an issue worth lending your support to, if you are concerned at all about what happened to equality in the “lucky country”.

It’s an issue my mate Laurie Brock has been championing for years! In fact… he’s asking for your support to petition Australian Federal and State Governments to make Men’s Health issues more important.

In fact… one of Laurie’s ideas was to use “vans” to spread the word about this! Hmmm… Nothing appears to be sacred at election times!!! LOL

So make sure you go visit Laurie’s website and offer your support.

What do YOU think?