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Skin Cancer Not Just For Old Farts!

I can still see my father, in his 50’s, coming out of his regular visit to the skin specialist, with what seemed like hundreds of little blisters all over his balding head, from where the doctor had just had a fun session burning off (or freezing off – not sure what he actually did back then) potentially dangerous skin cancers from Dad’s head, hands, arms and legs!

Getting checked for skin cancers is a common scenario for most men as they get on a little bit… something you MUST get done at least once a year!

But WHEN should you start getting checked regularly for skin cancers?

Well… I hate to say it young fella… but you should have at least an annual check from when you are in your 20’s!

I actually had a quite serious one cut out of my forehead when I was in my early 30’s… and have had regular sessions with the cryo bottle annually since – and although it’s definitely NOT fun, it is essential!

I’ve also had another nasty little bugger cut out of my neck, ANOTHER one cut off my forehead (that’s the pic at top of this page) in almost the same place as the first one, and more recently an extremely quickly growing one (which became a BIG problem in mere weeks) removed from behind my ear! (see the pic at right)

There’s a few more there right now that need attention too, so I will be booking yet another visit with the quack shortly to get them frozen off!

But it makes me wonder what I must’ve done out in the sun when I was a lot younger???

Obviously not enough of the slip, slop slap when I was a teen or in my early twenties… and although I’ve worn hats and sunglasses when outside most of time since then… most of the skin cancers I’m dealing with now probably have their roots from that exposure earlier on in my life!

So take care of your skin when you are young, and it’ll require less care as you get older 🙂

As well as the standard slip, slop and slap that most Aussies are well aware of… you should also SEEK shade, and SLIDE on some sunnies

Click for more info on preventing skin cancer and skin cancer information/links

What do YOU think?