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Why People Can’t Quit Smoking

Smoking is used to be a cool and fashionable thing to do, but now smoking is anything but cool. It’s not so easy to quit and although many smokers would love to give it up, the reality is that more is involved than simply deciding not to do it anymore.

The reason why people can’t quit smoking is that cigarettes contain an addictive substance known as nicotine and it’s very hard to live without it once it’s in their system.

The quit-smoking industry gets wealthier every day as more and more people trying to beat their nicotine addiction. These companies which have the best of intentions know how hard it is to quit smoking and so they provide products that can assist. But the prices could be lower and governments could consider subsidizing them to make it easier for smokers to kick the habit.

Pharmacies devote whole sections of their stores to products that will aid customers who want to stop smoking. Some even employ part time consultants who can assist customers in their plight. Other companies offer hypnosis, talk therapy and 12-step programs and all of these can be of benefit to various people.

The reality that trying to quit smoking is an expensive proposition makes it difficult for many people. Since the cost of cigarettes continues to inflate out of proportion, it’s cheaper to smoke than to try to quit.

What smokers need to remember is that once the smoking habit is gone from their lives, they will save a huge amount of money on cigarettes and return to a normal life without any smoking burden.

Social factors are another reason why people can’t quit smoking. Unless a person surrounds him or herself with non-smokers, it can be a challenge to not light up when someone is. Attending parties, meeting for coffee and any number of other instances become more challenging when one’s friends or associates smoke. As someone offer a cigarette, it will be hard to refuse.

Some countries have becoming strict on public smoking. Most Asian airports now forbid smoking except for in specially designated rooms. Even in most parts of Australia, it is not possible to smoke in workplaces, shopping malls and even restaurants, nightclubs and bars! Gone are the days of non-smoking and smoking tables in restaurants; the only place can smoke now is in an area outside located beyond ten meters from the dining area.

Measures like these make it somewhat easier to quit smoking but ultimately, it’s up to the individual to take whatever steps they can to beat the habit.

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