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Married Women Want You!!! (apparently)

A couple of advertisements recently shown right here at JWGW (see picture) caught my attention. Apparently…. Married Women Want You! (that’s YOU – not me… they don’t want me…)

And I thought WHY would guys want MARRIED women?

Well here are a few of the reasons I found from my recent “research” into this question… You be the judge of how “worthy” they might be…

  • Married women are more “experienced” and know how to please guys better.
  • The men don’t have to make a commitment.
  • The men don’t have to spend money on a married woman.
  • The guys don’t have to pay the woman’s bills.
  • Blokes have nothing to lose.
  • Want to taste the “forbidden fruit”… the ultimate challenge!
  • Married women are a “sure thing” (i.e. they assume that the woman enjoys sex and they won’t have to work hard for it).
  • Men like a married woman because she “belongs” to someone else (something about feeling more dominant here).
  • All the single girls already know he’s a loser!!! (LOL)
  • Married women are bored and are looking for something to spice up their lives.

But remember…

It is not always the man that wants a married woman… There are many, many females that look for married men too.


There are a whole heap of reasons why you should NOT go anywhere near a married women, least of all being…


Just think for a half a milli-second here you blokes…

What would YOU feel like if you found out your wife was having it off with another fella???

Hmmm…. Thought so!!! 🙂

And girls… If you are thinking about, or actually having an affair with a guy, and you are married… what the hell are you doing???

There was a reason (once) why you married your fella in the first place… maybe it had something to do with loving him??? Well whatever happened to that? Have you given up on that simply because it is too hard for you to communicate with your hubby and things became a little boring and mundane with the day-to-day issues of “family” life???

Well do something about THAT before you go out and find another fella!

Whatever you believe…

I certainly don’t think it is “right” for these dating sites to use these tactics to attract men to their sites!

If this sort of advertising is not sending the wrong messages then I don’t know what is! It’s the wrong message to adult males and females, married or otherwise, but more importantly to the much YOUNGER, more impressionable people who might incorrectly assume this is “normal” behaviour.

What do you think?

Am I being a wowser and out of touch with reality?

Or are there still some people out there who actually believe in fidelity and committment within a relationship?

What do YOU think?