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Please Be My Friend Dad

Message on a Facebook wall from child to father…

“Please be my friend dad. mum has blocked you so she can’t see any of your stuff and you can’t see any of hers.”

Many warring couples forget too easily that their kids are often the main casualty from whatever it is that caused them to split up.

This sort of “blocking” or shutting out the father from the child’s life is far too common.

You’ve only got to cast your mind back over recent media reports where some fathers have taken some desperate measures to get to see their kids… whether it be blocking traffic on the Sydney Harbour Bridge (May 2011) to get your point across, or when things escalate way beyond reason and result in the ultimate tragedy!

The facts speak for themselves, and it really IS time for sparring ex-couples to remember that the kids should come first!

What do you reckon? Do kids deserve a better go?

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If you’re distressed, support is available by calling Lifeline 131 114, Mensline 1300 789 978, Kids Helpline 1800 551 800

What do YOU think?