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11 Good Reasons To Leave The Toilet Seat DOWN!

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Blokes… in case you haven’t noticed yet… leaving the the toilet seat up is a common cause of friction in many households where there are women.

So to settle the argument of whether you should (or shouldn’t) make sure the toilet seat is up or down when you are finished using the loo, we undertook some serious research in the role the loo seat plays in the gender battle!

Oh… regarding the ELEVEN good reasons bit in the name of this article… well I reckon that, somewhere on this page, you might find 11 reasonable reasons to put it down (or up… or either/neither/nor).

Here’s what we uncovered… and these are “genuine” comments on real web pages, so they must be correct!!!

Hope they help solve any argument in your place!

Arguments for putting it DOWN:

  1. It’s common courtesy (says who?)
  2. Because you love your wife/significant other. So if your wife ask you to do something, if you love and respect her you should do it.
  3. Only a pompose male chovanist controlling dick head would be inconsiderate and leave the toilet seat up (glad to see that we have educated and well thought out comments in this debate)
  4. It makes the bathroom look tidier
  5. Hides any stains and other nasty yukky bits!
  6. Cos you really want to show her how much you adore her…

  7. Makes it easier for people to sit down quickly in an emergency.
  8. To prevent females from falling into the bowl when going to the loo in the dark and suffering toilet ring bruise!
  9. Because women prefer it down!
  10. It’s inconvenient for women to have to put it down all the time
  11. You will avoid a fight with your significant other.
  12. You gain points with the missus if you leave it down.
  13. The underside of the seat gets grotty and you don’t want to see it!
  14. Men get to pee while standing up. Women don’t, so grant them this one small courtesy!
  15. Because my momma told me to!

Arguments for leaving it UP:

  • It’s inconvenient for men to have to lift it up all the time.
  • Lazy males won’t make a mess on the seat when/if their aim is off.
  • No nasty surprises scaring you when you open the lid!
  • Let’s the air circulate.
  • Because men will almost always forget to put it down.
  • Your pets will always have drinking water available.
  • Stops the seat getting wet from flushing.
  • Stops the hinges wearing out too early.
  • Spiders can’t hide under the seat.
  • The underside of the seat gets grotty and you will clean it more because you actually see it!
  • It has been scientifically proven that the social norm of leaving the toilet seat down is inefficient in the sense that it does not minimize the total cost of toilet seat operations per household. (EH? What the???)

However this debate is not clear, when the LID comes into the discussion:

  • If the seat is designed to be down, why is there a lid?
  • Is the LID meant to be down as well?
    With the lid shut…
  • Unappealing smells are kept at bay.
  • you won’t drop your toothbrush in the bowl (or your phone etc)
  • Your pets will not be able to drink the water.
  • Your water obsessed cat will not be amused by flushing the toilet:

  • Feng-shui practitioners say toilets should always be closed (i.e. that’s the LID that should be closed) because water has drawing power. You don’t want to draw the energy in your home down the toilet. The open toilet will also draw your wealth down the toilet.
  • Stops small children and animals climbing into the bowl.
  • Bacteria-filled mist – Yes, that’s right, when you flush the toilet a mist is created. That mist is filled with bacteria. Studies have shown that the mist can travel several feet away every time you flush. So this means it reaches your toothbrushes, towels, shower curtains, every hard surface and probably you while you are still standing there – maybe looking down in the toilet. The toilet lid should be closed before flushing. (And since the seat has to be DOWN first so the lid can be shut, it just goes without saying!)

You be the judge? Which is best???

Perhaps sitting on the fence here is “fairest” to both sexes…

If the lid is closed, then the icky particles stay in the toilet. And this way, no matter who it is (man or woman), you have to lift the lid (and seat, depending), and then put them down again. Talk about fairness.

So close the lid too so you both have to deal with the “problem”.


What about YOU?

Is the toilet seat/lid a bone of contention in your household?

What lengths would you go to, to ensure it stays up (or down)???

Please let us know by adding your comments below.

What do YOU think?