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Stand Up For Your Pizza Rights!

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pizza boxFor quite some time, the local outlet of a national pizza company has just not been able to supply what I wanted within two minutes they promise in their advertising. This means I am entitled to receive a voucher which I can use next time to get a free pizza.

But you really have a fight to get your voucher! They don’t just give it to you… You have to ask for it… and then the assistant disappears to ask someone else…

And then the manager comes out to look at the time on the (computer generated) sales docket, then looks at his watch, and says…. “it’s only just over two minutes”.

Was he hoping I’d say “don”t worry about it then”?

Forget it buddy! The deal is two minutes or less, or I get a free pizza. The fact that it was well over five doesn’t matter.

How many people stand up for their consumer rights when they go to places like this?

Are you being pigheaded when you ask for your free voucher?

And how many people double check how much they are being charged when they order their fast food? The last two times at this place, I was charged $2 extra – the first time by mistake (maybe), but tonight… had to have a fair tussle to get my 2 bucks back!

Take it just one step or two further… How many times have you cut into a piece of delicious looking fruit, only to be greeted by some brown, over-ripe mass of disappointment?

Have you EVER taken that back and asked for a refund? And if not.. why not?

Go on… Stand up for your consumer rights and stop accepting second best!

What do YOU think?